Episode 134 – Albury, Indonesia, ABC Bias and Peter Rabbit

It only takes 2 hours and 10 minutes to describe Christian protesters of a fertility clinic in Albury, the ethics of mandatory safety measures, the Barnaby Joyce saga, ABC bias in favour of religions, the Indonesian Military’s capacity to invade Australia, a fire levy which exposes the Catholic Church, an example of bike shedding on the Hugh Harris Facebook page, dirty sinning primary school kids and how Peter Rabbit has gone feral.

0:56 An activist group in Albury takes on Christian protesters who are picketing a fertility clinic.

33:30 We discuss the following question from Greg:

Hi, Fist, Glove & 12th,
I’m currently listing to Ep 132 and after listening to The 12th Man’s opinion on vaccinations, I’m wondering what his opinion is on seatbelt and helmet laws.
I see them as being almost perfect parallels.
Helmet and seatbelt laws are the government interfering in people’s lives to protect them from themselves.
Helmets and seatbelts even hurt and kill people from time to time but we accept the negatives because they are vastly outweighed by the positives.

My next question is for the whole team.
How would you feel about a law that says parents don’t have to vaccinate but if their child is hurt or killed by a vaccine-preventable illness, or their child infects another person who is hurt or injured, they will be liable for charges of child endangerment, negligence, manslaughter etc?

48:25 Barnaby Joyce – Not a sackable offence unless hiring the mistress was illegal. It is up to the voters of his electorate. When is a private matter public?

58:28 ABC – The Drum – The 12th Man is not happy.

1:05:40 The NSL gets mugged on an ABC radio programme.

1:15:38 The final version from Dean Stretton

1:22:01 Freedom for Faith wrote a 105 page submission which was widely supported by religious groups.

1:23:46 A Satanist Group to consider

1:24:48 Han Tu gives a 101 on Indonesia, China and our capacity to resist a military attack.

1:47:51 The Catholic Church owns $30B of property in Australia.

1:56:54 The Hugh Harris Facebook page is an example of Bike Shedding.

2:05:25 Lesson 4 of RI lessons will be taught soon. Children are compared to dirty towels and white towels. It is a disgrace that this is allowed.

2:08:02 Peter Rabbit has gone feral.

2:11:44 Jonathon Pie on Trump

The Links:

We need exclusion zones right here right now

Barnaby Joyce Says Traditional Definition Of Marriage Is Union Between A Man And A Woman And His Political Staffer

Sportsbet has a sense of humour

A radio interview gets out of control

FFF proposes a major reform – a Religious Freedom Act – which would “establish religious freedom as a right rather than a grudging concession.”

Satanic Australia

Catholic Inc. What the Church is really worth

The 2013 Victorian Fire Services Property Levy imposed a small tax on the value of all Victorian, properties

A judge who barred a woman from wearing traditional Muslim garb in the Victorian Supreme Court was being unreasonable, the Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV) has said.

What’s happening in RI this week?


The Church’s wealth is in its people

Inquiry swamped with anti-euthanasia submissions

3 comments on “Episode 134 – Albury, Indonesia, ABC Bias and Peter Rabbit
  1. Brett Jones says:

    Hi Fist

    Fantastic episode. Loved the interviews, they were both really great and relevant. My blood was boiling when you were talking to the lady protesting the protesters. I wish I lived closer to that area to go and join in on the day.

    I enjoyed being schooled as well. I am officially pulling my head in on Indonesia. I withdraw my concerns for the moment and will go back to worrying about more pressing matters, such as religious freedoms (privilege), tax evasions by the rich, climbing inequality, our inability to find a workable solution to the problems in some Indigenous areas, climate change, drug and alcohol abuse, mental health and finally, what Barnaby Joyce is going to do next.

    Great work.

  2. The Iron Fist says:

    Thanks Brett. I think your list of priorities is about right. You just need to add concern over spending $50b on the wrong submarines … 🙂

  3. AndrewCHC says:

    The Iron Fist, thanks so much for the post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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