Episode 132 – Satirical Satanists, Humanism, Sugar and Historical Context

We discuss a satirical satanist, humanism, the merits of a sugar tax and ancient Australian history in 92 minutes of podcast commentary.

1:10 Regarding the Ruddock Panel, we discuss a submission by Bernard Gaynor and the satirical submission of The Fist

15:07 Do we need Australia Day honours?

18:24 Should homeschooling be banned as it is in Germany?

25:30 Should vaccinations be mandatory? The Fist argues for the rights of the child. The 12th Man is wary of government interference in private lives.

33:16  This leads to a discussion about the liberal, socialist and evolutionary schools of humanism.

38:57 Assisted Dying in Qld

41:24 Another index which ranks countries

46:55 The top 1% of Australians own as much as the bottom 70%

49:41 Should we have a sugar tax?

1:10:45 In the aftermath of Australia Day we reflect on colonialism and the myth of the noble savage and whether he was a good custodian of the land.

The links:

Bernard Gaynor has over 3000 signatures and a summary from The Stirrer

The Fist has written his submission to the Ruddock panel

Do we need an honours system?

Homeschooling in the UK

Vaccinations – should they be mandatory?

Ms Palaszczuk said she wanted to see how the Victorian legislation operated before taking any other steps.

The 2018 Best Countries Index

Top 1% of Australians own more wealth than bottom 70% combined

Sugar tax

Invasion day protests

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