Episode 131 – Australia Day, Finland and Raju Singh

Somehow this podcast combines Australia Day, constitutional law, an apology to Finland, religion bashing, an Indian submariner, Adam Smith, Scientology, red frogs, milkshake duck and the Human Development Indicator into a compelling 79 minutes of Australian Podcast Gold.

1:06 Australia Day – A potted history presented by the 12th Man.

11:21 We consider alternative dates.

17:58 What date do other countries choose for their national day. Spain has made a very interesting day their national day.

23:04 The Fist apologises to Finland.

29:04 The Catholics are not happy with a “sham” review of school funding.

29:57 Catholic Bishops think dividing doctors into Catholics and Non-Catholics is a good idea.

33:05 Thanks to Clem Jones, Assisted Dying legislation will be a big topic in Qld in 2018

36:33 The Pope got a cool reception in Chile.

38:51 What do religions have in common? They all want your money.

41:03 A submarine Catholic

42:22 Indian submariner Raju Singh has left us a voicemail.

45:13 The Ruddock panel and submissions from The Atheist Foundation.

50:35 A radio interview by Chris Schacht of the NSL.

51:30 Canadian Christians are so persecuted. They are forced to comply with the same laws as everyone else.

54:01 The Marion Maddox theory on the feelings of religious groups to a Bill of Rights form of religious protection.

56:56 We are popular in Japan.

1:00:46 A Pakistani humanist was rejected because he failed to identify Plato.

1:02:27 The Scientologists were active at schoolies. Hotel owners were furious but the same could be said about the Red Frogs group.

1:05:01 Tennys Sandgren has been milkshake ducked. And Nick Kyrgios is still a dick.

1:10:48 Adam Smith was worried about powerful business interests controlling our political leaders and distorting the free market.

1:13:14 GDP is a poor statistic and maybe we should look at the Human Development Index.

1:17:33 Psycho Chickens

The links:

A harrowing account of an aboriginal woman

Other national days

 Catholics are not happy

Catholic doctors to form national association

Pope Francis ‘slander’ comment angers Chile abuse victims

The Catholic Church in Rome is accepting paywave

The not so amazing Grace Grace

Submission by The Atheist Foundation to the Ruddock panel

A radio interview with Chris Schacht (pronounced shot) of the NSL

Trudeau is asking religious Canadians to betray their conscience for federal funding

Alas, it is satire

Satanic Temple successfully argues that Missouri’s abortion laws violate their religious freedom

Pakistani humanist denied UK asylum after failing to identify Plato

Scientologists distribute anti-drug brochures at schoolies.

Marion Maddox

Adam Smith and the free market http://marker.to/5S5XzK

Nick Kyrgios 2.0 is still a dickhead. Hit a ball into the stand, sulked, castigated his crew over string tension and then didn’t use it and then told them to “Stand Up!!”

GDP is a poor indicator so try the Human Development Indicator which doubles as a shithole indicator.


One comment on “Episode 131 – Australia Day, Finland and Raju Singh
  1. James Faulkner says:

    G’day fellas,
    This was my first time listening to your podcast. It’s refreshing to hear some intelligent and informed discussion on issues from an Australia perspective, something still sadly lacking in this era of American cultural whitewashing. More refreshing yet was that there was little agenda in the nature of your podcast, by which I mean the manipulation of opinion often found in these type of shows. Thanks for objectivity. On the other hand, there were some points I found to be a little soft, standing to one side of objectivity in the name of modern cultural correctness. Some subjects, for example Red Frogs, seemed too quickly passed over. Perhaps this is due to the censorial nature of modern correctness where it’s still professionally dangerous to bring a real commentary to the board, for example religious groups conversion efforts on the young and mindless. I mention this issue specifically due to the predatory nature to religious groups who target the young and the infirm. Obviously, I’m on the secular side of the argument. I mean, the rational, educated and objective side. More of an issue must be made about the Scientology and hillsong type cults and the insidious nature of all religious groups acting in the “social” interest. Proselytising bastards.

    Nevertheless, thank you for that. It made a refreshingly intelligent start to Australia Day, one of the few days I am embarrassed by both sides of the political spectrum in our country.

    All the best,
    I’ll be listening in the future.

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