Episode 129 – Cruel schools, betting against Trump and a cow called Freezer

The only Australian podcast to expose unconscionable religious schools, speak ill of Flo Bjelke-Petersen and explore gambling options involving Donald Trump.

1:36 Public submissions to the Ruddock panel may be kept secret from the public. There is no good reason for this. We need to know what information may have have influenced the panel and we need to know if such statements were true, false or misleading.

6:05 A review of a previous inquiry run by the Australian Human Rights Commission looked at public submissions made to that inquiry and concluded that the Christian lobby was effective and distorted the public submission process.

14:39 Unfortunately the Labor Party has stated they are happy with the current range of discrimination exemptions allowed to religious bodies.

15:52 Peter Singer says religious groups who can’t abide by general laws that apply to the rest of us should simply cease the particular activity involved.

18:05  Adrenalin and the Freezer story.

22:32 Peter Singer continued … For example, if you can only eat meat from an animal which has been killed while conscious then just don’t eat meat. If you can’t provide contraception services then don’t operate a hospital.

26:20 We present several cases of unfair discrimination by religious organisations where they escape sanction because of the special exemptions they enjoy.

39:12 Donald Trump is a genius. Fire and Fury reveals that he never wanted to win the Presidency. Add “Reckless” to the 4 R’s. The Fist looks at the odds of betting that Trump won’t win a second term in 2020.

51:33 Trump has a big nuclear button and we discuss “Command and Control” and several incidents which nearly led to accidental nuclear explosions.

1:00:59 Flo Bjelke-Peterson

1:06:10 Australia Day is not a day of shame.

1:09:20 Because of GST considerations, Aboriginal leaders are finally having to recognise that not all Aboriginals are needy and class distinctions are necessary.

1:12:20 The Murdoch press has criticised the Royal Commission for suggesting changes to celibacy and the confessional.

1:14:10 The Shoppies Union has done a deal with Domino’s and it doesn’t seem like a good one for the employees.

1:17:41 Strike Egypt off the list. Atheism will be criminalised soon.

1:18:40 Singapore has stolen our idea about organ donation. Agree to donate or you will be bumped down the list if you need one.

1:22:15 Kenan Malik says “Working Class” is never used in relation to non-whites … and it should be.

The links:

Public submissions to Philip Ruddock’s review of religious freedom to be kept secret

Here is the link to make a submission to the panel.

Nicholas Aroney. In case you weren’t already worried is on the record as saying “The right of individuals to formulate and articulate their beliefs, to act upon their
consciences and to associate with fellow believers is fundamental to a free society…  If religious freedom is restricted to an individual’s right to believe, with no right
to practice one’s belief, then it does not amount to very much at all.”

Christian groups had the benefits of effective establishmentarianism and were able to flood the submission process with their vested cases for religious privilege such that the status quo on religious entitlement prevailed. http://marker.to/KePeWO

Labor has no interest in removing laws which allow religious schools to sack gay teachers.

Peter Singer – For example, allowing men and women to sit in any part of a bus does not violate orthodox Jews’ religious freedom, because Jewish law does not command that one use public transport. http://marker.to/gsbwiG

From Deep Throat – Examples of ongoing discrimination:

Trump is a genius, according to … Trump http://marker.to/RkapAI

That lucky, I thought we were in trouble

He never wanted to be President

race, religion, redneck, rustbelt, reckless

Back against him in 2020

My nuclear button is bigger than his and Command and Control

There is a Trump Fox feedback loop.

No tears for Lady Flo http://marker.to/Joqerj

Australia Day – We know precisely when civilisation came to this continent http://marker.to/eaiFZW

Murdoch and the Royal Commission http://marker.to/KwT9Db

Domino’s and the Shoppies Union

Cross Egypt off the list

Organ donation in Singapore and check out the comments section

Whites are seen as divided by class, non-whites as belonging to classless communities. It’s a perspective that ignores social divisions within minority groups while also racialising class distinctions.

Definition of Aboriginal to depend on need

One comment on “Episode 129 – Cruel schools, betting against Trump and a cow called Freezer
  1. Brett Jones says:

    Yep – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is seriously considering running for president 2020.
    Don’t laugh! Could he be any worse than Trump? Or G Dubya Bush?

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