Episode 123 – Nasty Prejudices or Conscientious Beliefs?

Episode 123 – Nasty Prejudices or Conscientious Beliefs?

3:06 We look at the marriage equality survey and examine what correlation there was between the No vote and religious affiliation, immigration status, education and ethnicity.

12:37 The factor that correlated most strongly with a No vote was religious affiliation. Being born overseas had only a slightly positive relationship with voting No. High household income was only slightly correlated with a YES vote and higher education levels had a slight but not remarkably positive relationship with voting YES. A closer look at each religion shows that Islam was the strongest indicator of a no vote.

16:13 We then go on to discuss Margaret Court and her dismay that the Government looks like allowing marriage equality.

20:00 George Brandis has proposed two unnecessary amendments and we discuss generally the difference between a religious objection and a conscientious objection.

33:31 Friend Nile of the New South Wales Upper House told blatant lies about a fictitious horror story regarding assisted dying but excused himself by suggesting that God prompted him to tell the story.

38:52 Anastacia Palaszczuk has put forward a policy to extend the time period for the first home buyers grant and we say why that is a bad idea.

41:30 In relation to Queensland we look at the reaction of the major Parties to religious instruction classes and conclude that of the major parties, the best bet for a secularist would be the Labor Party.

43:51 The United Nations has criticised Australia’s human rights record.

45:18 Should rich people pay bigger fines?

52:05 Hikers at Bluff Knoll in Western Australia have started to take their clothes off upon reaching the summit and local Aborigines find this disrespectful.

59:23 The Mayor of Alice Springs has provided statistics which show an amazing increase in the number of people claiming to be Aboriginal.

1:04:27 We look at an interesting case in America where African-American slaves of Cherokee American Indians claim Cherokee identity.

1:06:33 We look at Matthew Canavan and his religiosity and his relationship with the Australian Christian Lobby.

1:12:01 Lyle Shelton has proudly stated that many religious people have now got a taste for political activism and he is no doubt looking forward to employing them on future campaigns for the ACL.

1:13:22 The Velvet Glove updates us regarding Scott Morrison, David Leyonhjelm and Mathias Cormann and we enter them into the IFVG secular index.

1:29:42 Section 44 of the Constitution has ruled certain Senators ineligible due to dual citizenship and it is now ruling their replacements ineligible as they are holding positions of profit with the Crown.

1:31:41 We finish off with a quick look at Kevin Andrews and his willingness for various religious groups to be able to refuse service to other religious groups for whatever religious reason they like.

The links

How social conservatism among ethnic communities drove a strong ‘no’ vote in western Sydney http://marker.to/5pnPFP

Same-sex marriage survey: religious belief matched no vote most closely http://marker.to/xzfqGF

‘It’s a very sad day for our nation’: Tennis legend Margaret Court urges politicians NOT to listen to the results of the gay marriage vote and ‘think of the children’ http://marker.to/SDMjwS

The Brandis amendments http://marker.to/bkMo3j

Rodney Croome – Devil in the Detail

a conscientiously held belief seems to extend the grounds for objection to include
any nasty prejudice as long as it is earnestly held, no holy book required.

p29. For me, one of the biggest disappointments of the Senate
inquiry into the Brandis bill was how left-of-centre law makers and human
rights groups support the principle of “religious freedom”, and the reform of
Australia’s law to protect that freedom, without doing enough to interrogate
how the phrase is being misused by others. Their goal was to appear reasonable and thereby achieve some consensus. But when the push for broader refusal-of-
service provisions grows, as it inevitably will, they may well find their words quoted back at them by Christian conservatives. They will certainly regret the
opportunity they lost to highlight how deeply the idea of religious freedom has
been corrupted. They will say it was “strategic” to leave the door to “religious
freedom” ajar so marriage equality to slip through. But they will have no-one to
blame but themselves when monsters of discrimination rush the door from the
opposite direction and trample all over their good intentions.

‘God prompted me’ : Fred Nile’s error in horror story during NSW assisted dying debate http://marker.to/Eif4gu

Religious groups doomed assisted dying billhttp://marker.to/Lsjntu

The popular $20,000 first home buyer’s grant will be extended until June next year should Labor win a second term

How should a secularist vote in the Qld State Election? http://marker.to/Ax3nXR

UN slams Australia’s human rights record http://marker.to/6KeptS

‘Buff on the Bluff’ craze on culturally significant Bluff Knoll leads WA elder to call for nude photo ban http://marker.to/eN6RHq

Between the 2001-2006 and 2006-2011 Australian census the percentage of those claiming Aboriginality dramatically increased. The percentage increases between 01-06 by state and territory were as follows: NT

17.1%, NSW 9.9%, QLD 16.3%, WA 18.2%, VIC 10.7%, SA 2.0%, TAS -2.8% & ACT 3.4%
Now compare that to the 06-11 percentage increases: NT 5.8%, NSW 24.6%, QLD 22.1%, WA 18.7%, VIC 26.0%, SA 19.1%, TAS 17%, & ACT 33.3%.

RaceNYT: Blood and Cherokee Heritage

Mathew Canavan http://marker.to/vVaXCa
Secular Index update
Scott Morrison
David Leyonhjelm
Mathias Cormann


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