Episode 118 – The Pots are calling The Kettles Black

Episode 118 – The Pots are calling The Kettles Black

2:10 We start with the extraordinary homily
from Sydney’s Archbishop Anthony Fisher in which he advised Governments
that they should, in general, keep out of the friendship business and
out of the bedroom. In an extraordinary display of self-control he
managed to say this with a straight face.

6:02 This is just one of many examples in this episode of the pot calling
the kettle black. Of course, his comment is correct about the
government but the purpose of the legislation is to ensure that
government stays out of the bedroom and the Archbishop has displayed
incredible gall and chutzpa by failing to acknowledge that too often
the Church itself is the one guilty of interfering in the bedroom.

7:38 The Archbishop complained about religious people potentially losing their jobs
without recognising that this already happens to gay teachers in
religious schools.

9:22 Fortunately not all of the congregation agreed with him.

11:41 The Fist likes the advice of Anna Krein who suggests that rather than
trying to defend the ability of gay couples to properly look after
children we should instead turn the heat on religious groups by
mentioning the Royal Commission and asking why they don’t have their
cap in their hand on this issue.

15:17 The Fist apologises to his children and grandchildren for the sorry
state of truth in our society. It has been either prevented by anti-discrimination
laws, rendered meaningless by moral relativism or obscured by snake-oil salesmen who promote distorted concepts with gall and bravado to a public whose critical thinking skills have atrophied.

18:53 We explore an interesting article from Dying For Choice which shows
that religious commitment is generally week although stronger in a
category described as “Other Christian” which can only mean evangelical
groups. There is a link between religiosity and opposition to marriage
equality and voluntary assisted dying.

24:21 The Fist tricks the Velvet Glove into an admission over the
categorisation of Muslims which was made in episode 54.

30:20 There is an event on in Brisbane on 30 October and listeners are
welcome to join The Fist, The Velvet Glove and The 12th Man.

31:37 Some wealthy private schools in Victoria have claimed that up to 26% of
their students are suffering from disabilities and this coincided with a new regime of self-assessment leading to increased funding for those schools. The spokesman for the Catholic sector described the
data as “dodgy”.

36:32 If you are worried about the Adani coal mine then worry no more as a
recent day of action included a prayer vigil.

38:15 We look at an article which puts forward the case in favour of
thoughts and prayers.

41:51 The Sydney Anglican diocese has given $1 million dollars to the no
campaign yet the no campaign claims that they are the poor cousin in
financial terms in this debate.

47:26 The no campaign has given in on the results of the survey and is now
manoeuvering to have the legislation drawn up so as to install
religious privilege under the guise of religious freedom but
fortunately, the Labor Party is proposing to go ahead with a draft
bill that does not allow bakeries, florists or photographers to withhold service to gay couples.

50:36 We refer to some new entries into the secular index.

55:40 It has been a while but we have a “you cannot be Kyrgios” segment.

59:27 Donald Trump hates everyone in the White House and we examine the 25th
Amendment which provides another option for removing this awful man
from the Presidency.

1:04:10 Tony Abbott believes in transubstantiation yet pokes fun at primitive
people who kill goats to appease the volcano gods. The Fist is not
sure why he gets so angry about Tony Abbott and can only surmise that
is because he reminds us that we once elected him and could possibly
do something just as stupid again.

1:12:42 We finish off with a good news story which is the action by the
Northern Territory government to modernise the Anti-discrimination Act
and remove the privileges that allow religious organisations to
discriminate. Of course, a scrotum of religious nutters Is in uproar
but this is a magnificent initiative by the Northern Territory
government which, if successful, will require religious groups to seek
special permission each and every time they seek to discriminate
against non-religious people.

Religious ‘leaders’ determined to alienate their flocks

Same-sex marriage: Governments should ‘keep out of the bedroom’ Catholic Archbishop says

Governments should stay out of the bedroom: Fisher

Private schools accused of ‘gaming the system’ to double disability funding

Some of Victoria’s most prestigious private schools are set to receive millions of extra taxpayer dollars after they were reclassified from overfunded to underfunded.

Prayerful protest to stop Adani coal mine

The Sydney Anglican Diocese Gave $1 Million To The “No” Campaign

Reverends in revolt over church’s $1 million donation to same-sex marriage ‘no’ campaign

Sydney’s male Anglican church leaders fear demise of their patriarchal power

Dutton says yes will win postal survey, so he’s working to protect religious freedom

“freedom” put it in front of everything. Marriage freedom, assisted dying freedom, secular freedom

Traditional Marriage! Let’s return to traditional funding of private schools

Bishops’ dying hour plea to stop assisted suicide bill

Ipsos global poll: Two in three Australians think religion does more harm than good in the world

“Vote No” Says Leader Of Church Solely Created To Change Definition Of Marriage

The Case for ‘Thoughts and Prayers’—Even If You Don’t Believe in God. After a tragedy like a mass shooting, prayer is not an indulgent retreat from reality, but a responsible reaction to it.

Nick Kyrgios walks off court at Shanghai Masters after vowing to leave if he lost the set

Former chief strategist Steve Bannon told Trump that the risk to his presidency wasn’t impeachment, but the 25th Amendment—the provision by which a majority of the Cabinet can vote to remove the president. When Bannon mentioned the 25th Amendment, Trump said, “What’s that?”

Tony Abbott says climate change action is like trying to ‘appease the volcano gods’

Bobbi – Great show. Challenging, interesting and a laugh or 2 thrown in. It’s now 2.45 am and I can now sleep knowing that you guys are on top of all the important news.

The modernisation of the Anti-Discrimination Act

NT push could lead to ‘no religion’ in faith-based schools

‘Secularism run mad’: storm brewing amidst proposed changes to NT’s anti-discrimination laws

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