Episode 116 – Guns, Freedom and … Sodomites

Episode 116 – Guns, Freedom and … Sodomites

01:06 The Fist and The 12th Man discuss the shooting in Las Vegas and refer you
to the Bill before Congress called the Sportsmen’s Heritage and
Recreational Enhancement Act. This diabolical piece of legislation
proposes to allow US citizens to purchase silencers without background
checks and forces the government to destroy records of
transactions regarding silencers.

19:41 A survivor thanks The Man in the Sky

24:47 We look at Iain Benson from Notre Dame University in Sydney and his
calls for special legislation to ensure religious freedom. He refers
to the Canadian case of Trinity Western University Law School which we
explain and we also criticise Professor Benson for his double standards in
various aspects of his arguments.

Freedom For Faith is a Christian legal think tank. We like to think
that the Iron Fist Velvet Glove podcast is a secular think tank.

44:43 We take a look at the survey by National Church Life Survey showing
attitudes of Australians to Religion, God, Prayer and Spirituality.

56:08 We take aim at the Australian Federal police for insisting that their
employment practices must match the community they serve.

1:00:51 We congratulate friend of the podcast Jenelle for her excellent work
in contributing to the federal secular index and in particular
her research into Eric Abetz and Terri Butler.

1:04:24 After a short absence, Yassmin Abdel Majied returns to the podcast and
we discuss her narcissistic personality.

1:17:08 John August sent us a voicemail message regarding Gillian Triggs and
her thoughts on Sharia divorce courts and we discuss the implications.

1:29:45 Jimmy Is normally a fan of The Fist’s arguments but he takes issue with
The Fist over US athletes “taking a knee”. The Fist attempts to justify
his argument. As part of that, he reveals a disturbing quote from The
Reverend Jesse Jackson.

1:50:45 Roy Morgan research visited The Fist household.

1:53:28 A three-year-old in Nepal has been declared a living goddess. It is
apparent that in Nepal, animals receive more protection than three-year-old

1:57:29 The Fist argues that apologising for an allegation of sodomy is itself a slur against sodomites deserving of an apology and manages to convince The 12th Man.

The Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act

Australians were asked, “Is religion good for society?”

AFP employment practices

Eric Abetz

Abdel-Magied has popped up again.

The truth about soaring power prices: wind and solar not to blame

John August on Triggs and Sharia

Sharia law used to settle divorces in Muslim community

Jimmy on “taking a knee” see comments section in episode 115

Black civil rights leaders in the 1960’s draped marched with the American flag

Freedom for Faith is a Christian legal think tank that exists to see religious freedom protected and promoted in Australia.

Professor Iain Benson – University of Notre Dame Australia

Freedom for Faith points to Canadian case

Trinity Western Law School

The Trinity case isn’t about religion. It’s about whether our laws matter.

Michael Barnett blog

Iain Benson Wikipedia

3yo named ‘living goddess’ in Nepal, can leave temple just 13 times a year

Peter Dutton is a sodomite


2 comments on “Episode 116 – Guns, Freedom and … Sodomites
  1. Looking forward to a chat in the near future. 🙂

  2. Bobbi says:

    Great show. Challenging, interesting and a laugh or 2 thrown in. It’s now 2.45 am and I can now sleep knowing that you guys are on top of all the important news.

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