Episode 111 – 29 August 2017

In episode 111 the Fist is joined by the 12th Man.

01:02 We discuss:

  • What is the best date for Australia Day,
  • 10:51 Stan Grant and Cook’s statue,
  • 15:30 Trans-generational trauma,
  • Aborigines who elect to identify with part of their ancestry and after dividing their own identity complain about inclusion of that identity in society.

22:13 We look at the removal of racist place names in Queensland such as Nigger Creek, Nigger bounce, Mount Nigger and seven instances of Nigger Creek. The Fist gives reasons why these should be changed but not our historical statues. The 12 Man disagrees.

29:10 A recent survey shows that 39% of Australians agree with what Pauline Hanson did by wearing the burqa in Parliament house while 38% disapprove.

33:03 Australia’s former Human Rights Commissioner  Gillian Triggs says sharia law should be allowed in Australia.

36:15 We look at the chances of successfully objecting to prayers in parliament by virtue of section 116 of the Constitution.

42:04 Clive Palmer thinks his Catholic credentials will help him in his court case.

43:43 Statisticians suggest that a new standard of probability should be used in research studies.

52:24 We look at the evolutionary basis of identity politics and note that it has reached the point that people are looking for insults.

59:30 Greg Craven is a well respected lawyer but favours the seal of the confessional.

1:05:24 The Fist suggests that the Church is like Mayweather and the opponents are like McGregor. The Church is playing rope a dope with its opponents.

1:09:53 Privilege as regards priests, journalists and lawyers. The Fist explains the difference.

1:15:33 The 12th man previously had a high opinion of Greg Sheridan but hopefully the Fist changes his mind.

All cultures are not equal or at least they are not equal in preparing people to be productive in an advanced economy.

1:21:30 We finish with a defence of the bad white working class.

It is the working class who are likely to suffer economic disadvantage from migration and are least likely to cope with politically correct speech and the people who champion ideas often do so knowing that they are immune from the negative effects.

The links:

Trans generational trauma – from a man playing a guitar using western chord progressions, using a sophisticated audio system and playing to a national audience after sitting next to the Attorney General and claiming to speak on behalf of all Aboriginal people.

Essential report

‘Sharia’s no different to Catholicism’: Ex-human rights commissioner Gillian Triggs says Sharia law courts SHOULD be allowed in Australia – just as the Vatican already influences everyday life

Official prayers in federal parliament are divisive and unconstitutional and should be scrapped

Clive Palmer thinks that beefing up his Catholic credentials is a good career move.

It will be much harder to call new findings ‘significant’ if this team gets its way

iTunes review

Besieged Catholic Church is wounded, but will not fall

The Evolutionary Roots of Identity Politics

Is God dead? The West has much to lose in banishing Christianity

Scandal Erupts over the Promotion of ‘Bourgeois’ Behavior

In defence of the bad white working class.

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