Episode 110 – 22 August 2017

1:21 In episode 110 we kick off with a survey of expected participation rates in the upcoming postal vote.

8:15 The Fist then launches into Part A of a theoretical discussion of the difference between ideological identities and non-ideological identities and how this needs to be determined as part of deciding what level of criticism is acceptable.

13:50 Part B of the theory lesson is a discussion of the nature of freedom and more specifically the nature of religious freedom and the Fist’s view is that religious groups must volunteer to give up religious freedom is if they wish to participate in our civilised society. Giving up freedoms and agreeing to regulations is the price that people must pay in order to receive the benefits provided by our society.

24:01 The Velvet Glove is wishy-washy about George Brandis and Pauline Hanson but the Iron Fist pulls no punches in castigating George Brandis. Oh the irony. The left likes to say that nobody has the right to tell women what they can or cannot wear except apparently the left has the right to tell Pauline Hanson what not to wear. And on the right side of politics, George Brandis has previously championed free speech and the ability of people to say things that other people might find offensive or insulting but apparently that right is not available to Pauline Hanson in relation to Islam.

There is nothing wrong with mocking any religion and the book of Mormon is currently playing in Melbourne yet we do not hear any protest from George Brandis about that. Pauline Hanson went further than mocking and she is entitled to do so.

40:54 We briefly talk about dog whistling.

42:56 Various religious leaders have called for protection of religious freedom so that people may discriminate against gay couples and The Fist applies the theory discussed in the first 10 minutes to rebuke such arguments.

51:50 The Uluru Bark Petition is an outrageous document purporting to speak on behalf of the entire Aboriginal people of Australia.

55:20 At least a Queensland Imam is honest when he objects to gay marriage because of doctrine and does not rely on notions of religious freedom.

1:00:15 We refer Bill shorten to the word xenophobia which would have been handy for him on last night’s QandA.

It turns out there are biological reasons why women are under represented in technology jobs.

1:05:20 Dean has criticised the secular index but has not offered to help.

1:09:48 We find another consecrated virgin

1:12:24 Donald Trump is running what can be described as a Ku Klux Kardashian presidency.

1:17:39 The Fist picks out a few highlights from the “Retreat on the Western Liberalism”

1:22:40 We finish off with the Queensland women flying interstate for abortions because the female Premier and female Attorney General are seemingly not motivated to quickly pass the necessary legislation.

1:23:23 Tiki Torch Nazis


Here are the links:

George Brandis, Pauline Hanson and the Burka and his previous statement on S18c

A religious worldview cannot expect the same kinds of tolerance as racial, gender, or sexual identities. Here’s why

What is religious freedom and how does it rank compared to other freedoms?

Dog-whistle politics is political messaging employing coded language that appears to mean one thing to the general population but has an additional, different or more specific resonance for a targeted subgroup.

Hillsong On Marriage Equality: How To Dog Whistle Hate Without Even Really Trying

Australia’s Catholic church is threatening to fire teachers, nurses and other employees who marry their same-sex partner if gay marriage is legalised, in a dramatic move led by the country’s most senior Catholic.

This is why I’ll be voting “no”’ to same-sex marriage KEVIN DONNELLY

Religious freedom is an important right. Once same sex-marriage is legal, it must be protected Frank Brennan

Uluru Bark Petition

Does biology explain why men outnumber women in tech?

Dean Says: Quite simply, you have just lost an opportunity to do this well. You should have never announced this. You should have sent a questionnaire to any Politician that you didn’t know about already and asked them a series of questions.

Another consecrated virgin

Trump’s evangelical panel remains intact as others disband. Here are his religious cheerleaders

Edward Luce – The retreat of Western Liberalism

Women are flying interstate to obtain abortions because of Queensland’s restrictive laws.

Tiki Torch Nazis

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