Episode 109 – 16 August 2017

1:55 In episode 109 we look at the arguments put forward by religious groups opposing marriage equality and note that they have not been honest enough to admit that scripture is their primary reason. It is dishonest and disingenuous of them to put forward arguments of religious freedom, freedom of speech and the danger of the safe schools program.

14:12 We look at the latest public opinion polls on marriage equality.

19:37 The Child Abuse Royal Commission has recommended that Catholic priests must disclose to the authorities information received about child abuse even if that information is provided during the sacrament of confession. Incredibly, the Archbishop of Melbourne, Dennis Hart and Father Frank Brennan have both publicly stated that they would rather go to jail then disclose evidence of child abuse. At least Francis Sullivan from the Truth Justice and Healing Council has said that priests should follow the law of the land however Mark Coleridge, the Archbishop of Brisbane was vague in his statement.

Also in the Royal Commission, they recommended a new rule to remove good character as a mitigating factor in sentencing where that good character facilitated the offending.

31:10 The Royal Commission also called for greater use of evidence by multiple victims in relation to a single perpetrator arguing the exclusion of this evidence in the past has led to unwarranted acquittals.

David Van Gend has complained that his book did not receive enough media coverage and the Iron Fist has invited him to come onto the podcast. We await his response.

56% of Australians believe in Heaven but only 38% believe in Hell while 37% believe in the Devil. We reveal these and other statistics.

We introduce the IFVG secular index and humbly request your assistance.

1:03:34 New Zealand’s involvement in our citizenship crisis. It seems to us that Julie Bishop has jumped the shark and Christopher Pyne has joined her in this.

1:09:42 We reveal everything you would want to know about section 44 of the Constitution and an obscure case from 1949.

1:15:05 Malcolm Turnbull claims that we are joined at the hip with the United States of America which seems to be a dangerous exaggeration of our relationship so we look at the ANZUS treaty and compare it to the NATO treaty.

1:23:13 Finally, we look at Charlottesville and the demonstration by the white supremacists and take aim at identity politics for causing a large part of the problem.


Marriage Equality Opinion Polls

Yes vote threatens religious freedoms: Fisher

Melbourne Archbishop says he’d rather go to jail than report child abuse heard in confession

The royal commission also called for greater use of evidence by multiple victims in relation to a single perpetrator, arguing the exclusion of this evidence in the past has led to “unwarranted acquittals”.

National Secular Lobby

The IFVG Secular Index

Some interesting statistics

Has Julie Bishop accidentally declared war on New Zealand?

Everything you wanted to know about S.44

Trump and North Korea (Malcolm Turnbull says we are in no matter what)

Fact check: Does ANZUS commit the US to come to Australia’s aid, as Foreign Minister Julie Bishop claims?

Charlottesville. Is this Fascism? (we should keep statues and this is more evidence of a dysfunctional society)


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  1. Tony48219 says:

    Fuck Kevin Andrews. If I was diagnosed with cancer, I’d go to Right to Life Australia and nuke myself.

    It’s difficult for Cuntservatives to vote if they’re no longer breathing.

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