Episode 108 – 9 August 2017

In episode 108 at 1:32 we look at the marriage equality postal vote and the plebiscite fiasco and we ask who is Andrew Broad and what are the Christian Values Awards?

The Queensland Labour conference votes to support the introduction of voluntary euthanasia legislation

34:50 The religious lobby will complain that the proposed legislation infringes on freedom of religion for clerks working in marriage registries and also wedding cake providers.

45:48 A mother of 13 challenges the validity of the abortion clinic exclusion zone in Melbourne and the Liberal National Party in Queensland momentarily puts down its banjos in order to pass a resolution making abortion more difficult while dressing it up as pastoral care.

53:25 Bronwyn Bishop has a theory about scripture classes.

56:05 We demonstrate how quotas and affirmative action can have unintended consequences.

Mother challenges validity of abortion clinic exclusion zone

Who is Andrew Broad?

The answer – The Christian Values Awards

Queensland Labor conference votes to support introduction of euthanasia legislation

With Victorian state parliament set to decide whether terminally ill people should have the right to a physician-assisted death, a formidable coalition of opponents is fighting the legislation, The Age reports.

Religious Freedom protections in new same sex marriage proposals: too few, too narrow

The Liberal National Party Has Committed To New Abortion Controls

Quotas and Affirmative Action – Unintended consequences

Google engineer writes 10-page manifesto against company’s diversity drive

Liberal Tim Wilson Humiliated In What Could Be World’s Shortest Political Interview


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