Episode 107 – 1 August 2017

In this episode of the podcast, the Fist is joined by The Squeaky Wheel.

4:56 The Fist offers a dinner party tip for men

6:22 We kick off with a Sikh family who want their son to wear a patka when attending school and we debate the merits of their case. The Fist plays Devils Advocate.

32:28 The Victorian Deputy Premier has decided he is not in favour of voluntary euthanasia laws and surprise surprise he is a staunch Catholic who is seemingly only persuaded by personal experience.

40:16 The Fist proposes a register of politicians religious affiliations similar to a political donations register.

42:29 A couple of recent articles compare the current conservative split in the Liberal party to the DLP split in the Labor Party, however, the difference is that Cory Bernardi’s Party will always give preferences to the Liberals so Malcolm should let them go and enjoy life without the troublesome right wing.

50:28 Tim Manda has a problem with gender diversity in the Parole Board and The Fist plays a clip from a recent LNP conference featuring duelling banjos. We discuss the merits of targets for cultural diversity in government and private organisations.

1:14:01 We expose and interesting twist to the Charlie Gard story which comes about as the UK courts had to consider an assisted dying application at the same time.

We think our patrons and play a clip from John August.

1:24:29 The Fist repeats his suggestion that we do away with dual citizenship all together but the Squeaky Wheel provides a good reason for keeping it.

1:30:11 And we finish with a look at Donald Trump, who he has sacked and who he is yet to sack and can he pardon himself?

School uniform policies need to accommodate students’ cultural practices

Government split over euthanasia bill

Bemused by a strange political decision? Scratch the surface and find a Catholic.

Conservative Catholics left Labor in the mid-1950s – and we now know they were bound for the Liberal Party

LNP politician claims ‘Major gender imbalance’ in board with more women

Shadow ministry 4 female and 14 men

Cultural diversity in leadership

The Liberal National Party Has Committed To New Abortion Controls

Charlie Gard and our moral confusions

Dual citizenship – why allow it at all?

Scientologist propaganda sent to ‘most schools in Australia’

ABC accused of anti-Christian journalism

In China, Party members told to give up religion for Party unity or face punishment

Significant parts of an Islamic school’s proposal for a master planned hub in Brisbane’s south west has been rejected by the Brisbane City Council, with the site restricted to educational purposes.

Trump Update

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