Episode 105 – 19 July 2017 – Solo Rant by The Fist

The Religious Right is blocking progressive reform of assisted dying, religious instruction and abortion law. They are taking over the Liberal party in a Tea Party like takeover and will push neo-liberalism as well as it fits their dominionist worldview. Unfortunately, the Left is consumed by Identity Politics and we have lost our ability to decide moral issues with consistent moral rules.

In this episode of the podcast, the Fist is flying solo and single-handedly attempts to turn you into a Monday morning water cooler expert.

1:11 He kicks off with assisted suicide and the refusal by a Catholic hospital to provide the service if it is legalised and he also looks at whether the Federal government could overturn State legislation.

9:27 Next, we look at scripture classes in New South Wales and the religious beliefs of the various players on both sides of politics.

18:29 This leads on to an examination of how religious groups are branch stacking the Liberal Party.

26:08 As a quick diversion from major social changes, we look at the need for gluten free Eucharist as well as the increase in exorcisms in the UK and 30:47 a Guru who is on ice, literally.

The Fist mentions a German choir where boys were unfortunately but not surprisingly abused by the Catholic system.

34:00 We have mentioned before that religious groups are blocking progressive change on social issues and in this episode we discuss dominionism and the desire by religious groups to impose neo-liberal policies. This is an adoption of the prosperity gospel which has been happening in the USA.

41:40  Watch out for neo-liberalism. The Fist plays a clip from Yanis Varoufakis describing the difference between Star Trek and The Matrix. In the short term that can be seen in the difference between Canada and the USA. The Daily Telegraph by publishing a special future shock front page let everyone know that it is out of touch.

57:35 In Texas you can skip the gun check line if you have a licence to carry

58:47 Abortion law changes when the conservative right wing gets power.

1:02:30 Having exposed problems being caused by the right we ask whether the left can do anything. An article on rural America suggests that it is too late for America.

1:14:30 Unfortunately, in Australia the left is obsessed with identity politics instead of the real issues affecting the disadvantaged in our community and that is the real crime of Yassmin Abdel Magied.

1:19:25 Victims of racism are now asking for racist policies but do not recognise the ethical inconsistency nor the danger which demonstrates a theory from Alistair McLeod that we have lost our ability to discuss ethical issues. The discussion regarding the recognition of Aboriginal people in the Constitution is a fine example of this.

1:32:45 Finally, as a true example of a jumbled mess of ideas, the Fist presents a recording from the Moroccan Soup Bar in which the owner diverts attention from Islam by blaming poor interpretation and men generally and the Fist provides some evidence that perhaps men don’t have it all their own way.

The links:

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It would seem likely that federal Parliament could overturn a state euthanasia law as the constitution grants it authority over the provision of medical services

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“Since 1979, real output per person in the US has expanded by a cumulative 80 percent, and yet during that time, median weekly earnings of full-time workers have grown by only about 7 percent in real terms.” And almost all of that tiny growth is explained by higher wages and working hours for women. For male workers, real median weekly earnings have actually declined since 1979.

While we squabble over identity we allow the 1% to prosper

The relevant question about our stories is not whether they reveal someone’s privilege but whether they’re true

Kenan Malik on Gilroy and Reed on race, class & culture

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On Rural America: Understanding Isn’t The Problem





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