Episode 102 – 28 June 2017

01:20 The census result

06:40 The Fist says the result is a disgrace.

10:15 The Fist explains why we must get a different religion question in the next Census and he also takes aim at cultural Christians.

12:32 What will it take for people to get interested in religious interference.

13:56 Don’t want to donate an organ? OK, you go to the bottom of the list if you need ever one. We should do the same with the census question response and future needs for progressive laws.

16:10 We look at the theories put forward in a book called “Thinking Fast and Slow” and compare our statistics to other countries.

32:07 One Nation vows to boost school chaplaincy funding

35:47 The Fist looks at the current Federal Cabinet to see how many are religious.

44:44 In Montréal the Catholic Church has issued a directive that priests should not be left alone with children.

46:52 We look at a play where the audience decides whether to kill off one of the characters.

49:10 Australians do not understand the dangers of political donations.

52:31 The submarine contract is a fiasco and now it is revealed that it will not provide jobs as promised.

55:02 The F35 fighter plane will probably be as big of a disaster as the submarine contract.

57:38 If you thought a sex change operation was a loophole in the same sex marriage debate then you are wrong.

59:57 The problems in the Philippines have been going on for 400 years and we should stay out of them.

The 2016 Census

Political donations

Gonski 2.0 – what happened.

Tanya Plibersek says Labor will restore Catholic school funding irrespective of budget

Montreal Catholic Church Forbids Priests From Being Alone With Children

Audience votes to kill ‘mum’ in play

Future submarine jobs in Adelaide have been thrown into doubt in the wake of an apparent U-turn by French company DCNS on how much work will be carried out locally, Senator Nick Xenophon says.

What went wrong with the F-35, Lockheed Martin’s Joint Strike Fighter?

The intractable scene in Mindanao indeed is concerning but it is born out a much longer and different history than elsewhere – one where the US (and others) have long been involved. Australia needs to be very careful not to become militarily entangled.

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