Episode 97 – 24 May 2017

0:57 Manchester bombing. It is often the successful sons and daughters of refugees who commit terrorist acts.

5:58 We criticise the government for paying money to the Catholic hierarchy rather than to individual Catholic schools because the Catholic hierarchy cannot be trusted to distribute the money correctly. In the article we have linked to it is clear that the National Catholic Education Commission has been taking money from poor schools and giving it to rich schools. The Catholics once again demonstrate that they can’t be trusted with money, children or morals.

10:48 Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving but perhaps gives too often. It is hard to keep up with his daily escapades where he commits what for most people would be career ending mistakes. We give a quick explanation of what is required to impeach a president.
19:06 The Bible society is offering a master class meanwhile the 12th Man provides a masterclass comment on the Bible Society’s efforts to teach the bible to abused teenage girls in Cameroon.
22:17 We think that a second anthem using Aboriginal friendly words is a bad idea and so does Stan Grant.  Stan also impresses us with his response to the budget.
28:04 How many refugees did Japan take in during 2016?
29:39 We should spend more on Foreign Aid in our region. What will happen in Indonesia if the military splits over religious lines?
32:57 The Snowy Hydro expansion plan was cooked up in just 13 days.
35:36 Parish priest Glen Tattersall says that the Royal Commission is a hatchet job and that many of the church’s problems have been caused by the loose morality of liberals and homosexuals.
40:32 We have some excellent listener feedback from Landon Hardbottom and What Problem.
41:35 If someone can identify as a different sex then there seems no reason why they cannot identify as a different race but if you try to run that argument you will face enormous abuse from the left. Rachel Dolezal. The left claims to be tolerant but in fact, often they just don’t care because when they do care, their intolerance is obvious.
47:07 You can now buy a boomerang for $1,930, however, you will have to dodge complaints of cultural appropriation. If that should happen to you we have a rebuttal argument drawing on ancient Egyptian, Indian and Polish artefacts which will help you out.
51:33 Madame, you are an experience, but not an argument.

How to impeach a President

The Bible Society is putting on a masterclass and the 12th Man gives them a serve on Facebook.

Two anthems is such a bad idea

Is this the same Stan Grant?

We should give more foreign aid

Question: How many refugees did Japan take in 2016?

Australian priest thinks child abuse claims are a hatchet job

Listener Feedback segment

Grant on immigration

Landon Hardbottom on private schools

“What Problem” needs help from the Doc

In Defense of Transracialism

If this is feminism it has been hijacked by the thought police

A $2000 boomerang and how Australian is a boomerang anyway?

Morals don’t come from religion. Religion adopts secular morals and then bastardises it into a lesser form.

Claude Lanzmann – “Madame, you are an experience, but not an argument.”

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