Episode 81 – 2 February 2017

The Iron Fist is joined by Hugh Harris to discuss the Religious Freedom Round Table, Scientology, Indigenous issues and President Trump’s executive order.

Hugh’s blog

Here are links to some of the articles that were mentioned.

I question the motives and sincerity of those claiming to be upset because of injustices committed in the past by what boils down to what one set of my ancestors did to another set of my ancestors.

Australia should create seventh state run by Indigenous people, lawyer Michael Mansell says

Hobart mayor says Indigenous memorial shouldn’t be ‘guilt-ridden’

Busting Black Myths: The Truth About Our First Peoples

Before we start, I’d like to acknowledge the traditional owners of this land, the Turrbal people and their leaders past, present and future.

Newcastle Anglican and Catholic bishops question basis of Anglican scripture material and Bible as historic fact

2 comments on “Episode 81 – 2 February 2017
  1. Paul says:

    One of your most interesting podcasts so far. The discussion of Scientology and the reinvention of Australian Aboriginal history and culture were especially stimulating. Scientology, as pernicious and bizarre as it is, will thankfully have very little impact on Australian society for the foreseeable future, but the Aboriginal question is an important one. It is very unfortunate that so many nominally liberal, well-meaning people, uncritically accept the reinvention of Aboriginal culture as something comparable to Western civilisation. It’s symptomatic of the guilt culture that has been fostered and taken root in recent years. It seems that we can only be decent humans if we show proper ‘respect’ to our indigenous brothers and sisters by abandoning all established definitions of civilisation, science and mathematics, and subscribing to any patent nonsense offered in the name of reconciliation. Apparently we are to view primitive hunter gatherers as the intellectual and philosophical equals of Newton and Copernicus. Yes, I know. I need to check my white privilege and admit my inherent racism. Sorry but I’m more interested in objective truth than any so-called truth shaped to fit emotional need and devoid of any substantive evidence. As Trevor said, it is strange that we cannot simply appreciate the particular skills and talents of indigenous people in the context of the history that produced them without artificially ascribing to them things that were so obviously not features of their culture. This perverted revision of our understanding of indigenous culture and heritage is divisive and counterproductive. As pointed out by Trevor and Hugh, European heritage is ignored or dismissed as unworthy of personal identity or praise. For all its faults and historical blemishes, European civilisation has produced the greatest technological and, arguably, philosophical advances yet seen. This is not an expression of so-called ‘white pride’ but is plea for human unity and a sense of common heritage, human heritage, as well as a plea for unemotional objectivity in our assessment of humanity’s true history and a clear eyed look at our problems and how to tackle them. Identity politics is one of the most regressive social phenomena to come along in recent times and this kind of historical revisionism is a product of identity politics.

  2. Hugh says:

    Hi there is definitely a strong reaction against identity politics currently. I hope to less the media become less obsessed by the politics of outrage, but I fear we will see an increased ideological divide between the lunar left and the alt-right.

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