Episode 71 – 16 November 2016

We are now on internet radio station “The Gist”

Royal Commission

Mike Baird click here

India’s shock currency swap click here

We give up hopes of representing Brittain in gymnastics click here and click here

Islamic identity used to push Indonesia into becoming more conservative society click here

Sex in Indonesia click here

Blasphemy in Indonesia click here

5 bad signs for Indonesia click here

Lyle Shelton should visit Iceland click here

Gender Equality Rankings click here

Submarines for Australia web site click here

Hawking on inequality click here

You can’t build walls around culture click here

A good summary of problems with Christianity click here

Gates foundation and birth control click here

Good news – no body found in Jesus’ tomb click here

Religion does more harm than good – says 82% of Britons click here

Trump continued

R is for Rust Belt and The Fist is sympathetic

Michael Moore picked it click here

7 reasons Trump won click here

The TPP is dead click here

NB. Credit to Pat Condell for some of the anti-religious quips eg dose of civilisation, 2000 years need another sacrifice, blasphemy is victimless

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