Episode 67 – 19 October 2016

1:39 Hillsong review

12:29 Deep throat update

13:54 Apple, photo scandal, Samsung fire and tax. We need a bond.

16:20 Parks and Wildlife needs a Chaplain click here

21:14 Religious exemptions and the 12th Man

29:09 Sounds like FIFO click here

33:53 The Royal Commission and religious liberty click here

43:33 The hijab and sexual harassment in Iran click here

47:15 Even ISIS has banned the Burqa click here

49:17 Natural Gas and Syria click here

56:20 Post modernism and multiculturalism click here

1:06:02 More on culture wars click here and Gad Saad click here

1:12:01 Healing from toxic whiteness click here

1:12:50 The social construction of sport landscapes shapes gendered power relations click here

1:16:25 ‘Tsunami’ of young girls forced to marry overseas, NSW Government warns click here

1:17:12 Desmond Tutu now thinks voluntary euthanasia is fine click here

1:18:34 A good Catholic (and a good Mormon) meddles in politics click here and click here

1:20:40 Peter Wellingham wants an inquiry into assisted dying click here

1:22:26 Would church leaders support a populist vote on euthanasia or abortion? click here

1:23:28 Background info on Mike Baird click here

1:24:10 George Christensen click here


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