Rival Organisations

Regular listeners will know that The Fist has an issue with the sheer number of religious subgroups masquerading as legitimate voices. We have decided to start our own subgroups.

From episode 49 to counter “Life Death and Marriage” we have started “Death Divorce and Unrelated”. Scott is Episcopal Vicar.

From episode 50 to counter “The Uniting Aboriginal & Islander Christian Congress” we have started “The Unified Peoples Secular Congress” (not sexual congress).

From episode 51 to counter “Catholic Education Commission of Victoria” we have started the “Secular Education Commission of Qld”.

From episode 53 to counter “Centre for Public Christianity” we have started the “Centre for Public Secularism”

From episode 57 to counter the “Catholic Athletes for Christ” we have formed the “Secular Athletes for Humanism”.

From episode 61 to counter teh “Christian School Australia” we have formed “Secular Schools Australia”.

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