Episode 45 – 18 May 2016

In this episode we do some “back of an envelope” calculations and here are the figures we used.

  • The government announced an extra $1.2b for education but Gonski needs $4.5b so we have to find $3.3b to achieve the same budget deficit.
  • Taxing religions could generate somewhere between $5b and $10b
  • Negative Gearing costs the budget about $4b-$5b each year
  • The “small” business company tax cuts will cost the budget $50b over 10 years
  • Of the company tax cuts, $11b goes straight to the US Treasury
  • Submarines will cost us $4.16b each to buy and possibly twice that amount each to maintain
  • Overseas aid spending has dropped to $3.8b

This weeks topics include:

We are giving money to the US treasury click here

School funding is unequal click here

Why is Kristina still a Catholic click here

Cori Bernadi on drugs click here

Our overseas aid budget has reduced … unfortunately click here and click here

Overpopulation and climate change click here and more on overpopulation click here

Are conservatives better economic managers click here

Religion will play a role in the election campaign click here

Textor on the IPA click here

Saul Eslake Vs The IPA click here

Legal Aid click here

Same sex marriage is good business click here

Bible classes under attack in New Zealand click here

Faith schools are a problem click here

More on subs click here

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