Episode 31- 10 February 2016

Christian right in WA click here

Church sanctuary for refugees click here and click here

ACL and Playschool click here

FGM click here and click here

Is your pastor a psychopath? click here

How many Syrians have we taken in? click here

Why would we support Kevin Rudd? click here

Zika virus click here and click here

The Fist agrees with Catholic Religious Australia (on TPP) click here

Hmmm who does Cardinal Pell remind us of ? Christopher Skase click here

Is religion becoming extinct? click here

Tax reform click here and click here

Italian museum covers up nude statues click here

The Quiz click here

Parents boycott mass click here

More on Padre Pio click here

The Satanic Temple is doing good work. click here and they have an activity book click here

From Lucien Greaves “If all else fails, take the nuclear option. Call in the Satanists to settle the matter. When they argue for religious rights and religious liberty they are usually thinking there is only one game in town and no-one else is going to come in and assert the same rights”

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