Episode 26 – 5 January 2016

ASIO chief tells politicians to tone down remarks about Islam click here

Penalty rates  click here

We still don’t get a seat at peace talks click here

A Mother Theresa miracle click here and click here and for Christopher Hitchen’s opinion on MT  click here. Another link here

US study finds tax exempt religions cost 71 billion pa click here

Anti-religious hate crime statistics click here

Crikey. The Iron Fist pays more tax than Qantas. click here

This miracle is just mould click here. A rusty nail through a wafer click here

Religious killings through the ages  click here

The Andrews government banned religious Christmas carols click here

Have seen Star Wars? Did you see the bible connection? click here

You cannot be Kyrygios – look out Agrabah click here

Maybe this podcast needs a trigger warning for theists click here

The quiz   Click here

Our military thinks IS is on the ropes click here

Saudi Arabia organises a coalition click here

No Meek Messiah examines the Jesus myth click here but apparently there is a 97% chance that he rose from the dead click here. 5 reasons to think he didn’t exist click here

A “moral” Catholic church tried to avoid discovery by legal trickery click here

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