Episode 22 – 25 November 2015

The meaning of “bigotry”.

The ACL wants people to stop calling them bigots click here while they ask for a war chest to campaign against gay rights click here

A Monty Python like conversation between an Isis terrorist and a progressive left winger click here

Is the liberal left bigoted for not recognising Isil’s claim to be Islamic?

From “The Scathing Atheist” podcast – It is bigoted to say that Islam is not responsible for the violent rise of Isis. Ignoring the terrorists own reasons and replacing them with our own cultural values is bigotry. To ignore the religious motivation which is the single uniting factor in the entire group is your prejudice telling you that all cultures ultimately share your values. I know they say they are religiously motivated but what do they know? They may say they want virgins in paradise but they are really after economic power and other stuff I understand.

Audio clip – Malcolm Turnbull says the “godless (ISIS) murderers … who defame and blasphemed Islam itself” Click here

Now Isis is not only “not true Islam” but also “not even religious”.

The meaning of blasphemy

Maybe Islam could be banned for blasphemy or defamation of religion click here

Muslim scholars denounce Isis click here

Muslim scholarship is not so great. A penis that never bends click here

Brother Rasheed video Click here

Saudi Arabia is an Isis that has made it click here  and  has a lot to answer for click here and to understand Isis you need to understand Wahhabism click here

Essential report Click here

The scouts are cleaning up their pledges click here

Pastafarians click here and here

The Church of England is mad about the ban of its cinema ads click here

Should we favour Christian refugees over Muslim refugees  Click here

Anthony Silva is the Toby Abbott of USA mayors Click here

Religious freedom round table report

Russia bans Scientology Click here and bans some Islamic scriptures click here


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