Episode 21- 18 November 2015


Malcolm Turnbull says it is the work of the Devil“.

The Grand Mufti is not so grand Click here and  Click here

9 conclusions not to draw Click here

#prayforparis Click here

An example of Islamic terrorism dating back to 1786 Click here

Islam’s internal battle Click here

Danish research on Muslim attitudes Click here

The difficulty in changing Islam Click here

Australia is considering sending “peacekeepers” to Syria Click here but Australia is excluded from foreign ministers meeting on Syria Click here

ISIS in 5 charts Click here

Who is financing terrorists? Click here

Hindu nationalism Click here and don’t eat beef in India Click here

While we are at it let’s check out Buddhism Click here

The Mormons don’t like homosexuals either Click here and thousands quit the Mormon Church Click here

France wants wine with dinner and Iran doesn’t Click here

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