Federal Secular Index

Welcome to the Iron Fist Velvet Glove Secular Index for Federal Politicians.

We take the view that many religious doctrines are harmful to our society and a person who has strong religious beliefs is more likely to oppose progressive reform of our laws. For that reason, it is important to know the nature of religious belief held by our political leaders. This index is an attempt to summarise that information.

We have listed our understanding of the particular faith followed by our Federal politicians and a rating of their commitment to secular values. We have no problem with politicians who are extremely pious provided they do not seek to impose their religion on other people or seek special privileges or advantages for their religion.

The index rates commitment to secular values.

0 – A person who actively argues against secular values and has demonstrated a shameless desire to use government resources to promote their particular religion and who would cross the floor and vote against party policy if such policy contravened their religious conviction.

3- A person who believes religions are valuable, that they should be supported and encouraged by government and would strongly oppose removing privileges but is not necessarily a loud advocate or organiser for religions.

5 – Neutral. We have been unable to find evidence of secular values.

8 – A person who would probably vote for secular reforms but does not publicly argue in favour of such reforms.

10 – A person who may or may not be extremely religious but who recognises that religion is a private matter which should receive no assistance from government and who actively advocates for the removal of special religious privileges.

If the index score is blank it means we haven’t scored this politician yet. You can help by downloading a CSV file, filling in some of the blanks and emailing it back to us. The email address to use is the Iron Fists’s first name (trevor) followed by at ironfistvelvetglove.com.au.

Alternatively, leave a comment below with your suggested score and information.

It would be great if you include links to articles which support your suggested score.



NameReligionSecular IndexPartyStateParliamentChamberNotesLinks
Hon Tony AbbottCatholic0LiberalNSWFederalH of RepsThe mad monk. A solid score of 0. A true enemy of secularism.Wikipedia link
Hon Anthony AlbaneseCatholic (non-practising)5LaborNSWFederalH of RepsAnthony has often said that he was raised with three great faiths: The Catholic Church, The South Sydney Football Club and Labor.Raised Catholic
John Alexander OAM5LiberalNSWFederalH of RepsNo public information. Questionnaire was sent 19 August 2017
Anne AlyMuslim3LaborWAFederalH of RepsWants S18C amended to include religion.
Describes herself as a secular Muslim.
Seems to be pro-secular but no public comments on specific secular policies other than wanting S.18c amended to include religion which would be a disaster for secularism.
Spiritual rather than devout
Describes herself as a secular Muslim
Says religion has no place in politics
Academic paper which is vague on specific positions
Hon Karen AndrewsLNPcQldFederalH of Reps
Hon Kevin AndrewsCatholic0LiberalVicFederalH of RepsA member of the Cameron prayer group. For religious reasons he introduced a private members bill to defeat Assisted Dying legislation in the Northern Territory.Wikipedia
Adam BandtNon believer5GreensVicFederalH of RepsWe couldn't find any pro or anti secular statements from him.Do Australian MP's believe in God?
Julia BanksLiberalVicFederalH of Reps
Hon Sharon BirdLaborNSWFederalH of Reps
Hon Julie BishopChristian2LiberalWAFederalH of RepsA very cautious supporter of Marriage Equality who is very concerned that "religious freedom " is protected.
A strong supporter of Scripture Classes who threatened to reduce funding for State governments if they watered down RI lessons to a more secular version.
Bishop threatened Qld Government over changes to RI lessons

She wants stronger reassurances about how change would affect religious institutions

Identifies as Christian
Hon Chris BowenLaborNSWFederalH of Reps
Andrew BroadNationalVicFederalH of Reps
Russell BroadbentLiberalVicFederalH of Reps
Gai BrodtmannLaborACTFederalH of Reps
Scott BuchholzLNPcQldFederalH of Reps
Hon Tony BurkeLaborNSWFederalH of Reps
Linda BurneyLaborNSWFederalH of Reps
Hon Mark ButlerLaborSAFederalH of Reps
Terri ButlerLaborQldFederalH of Reps
Hon Anthony ByrneLaborVicFederalH of Reps
Dr Jim ChalmersLaborQldFederalH of Reps
Nick ChampionLaborSAFederalH of Reps
Hon Darren ChesterNationalVicFederalH of Reps
Lisa ChestersLaborVicFederalH of Reps
George ChristensenLNPdQldFederalH of Reps
Hon Steve CioboLNPcQldFederalH of Reps
Hon Jason ClareLaborNSWFederalH of Reps
Sharon ClaydonLaborNSWFederalH of Reps
David ColemanLiberalNSWFederalH of Reps
Hon Julie CollinsLaborTasFederalH of Reps
Pat ConroyLaborNSWFederalH of Reps
Mark CoultonNationalNSWFederalH of Reps
Chris CrewtherLiberalVicFederalH of Reps
Hon Michael DanbyLaborVicFederalH of Reps
Milton DickLaborQldFederalH of Reps
Hon Mark Dreyfus QCLaborVicFederalH of Reps
Damian DrumNationalVicFederalH of Reps
Hon Peter DuttonLNPcQldFederalH of Reps
Hon Justine ElliotLaborNSWFederalH of Reps
Hon Kate EllisLaborSAFederalH of Reps
Hon Warren EntschLNPcQldFederalH of Reps
Trevor EvansLNPcQldFederalH of Reps
Jason FalinskiLiberalNSWFederalH of Reps
Hon David FeeneyLaborVicFederalH of Reps
Hon Joel FitzgibbonLaborNSWFederalH of Reps
Hon Paul FletcherLiberalNSWFederalH of Reps
Nicolle FlintLiberalSAFederalH of Reps
Mike FreelanderLaborNSWFederalH of Reps
Hon Josh FrydenbergLiberalVicFederalH of Reps
Andrew GeeNationalNSWFederalH of Reps
Steve GeorganasLaborSAFederalH of Reps
Andrew GilesLaborVicFederalH of Reps
Dr David GillespieNationalNSWFederalH of Reps
Ian GoodenoughLiberalWAFederalH of Reps
Luke GoslingLaborNTFederalH of Reps
Tim HammondLaborWAFederalH of Reps
Ross HartLaborTasFederalH of Reps
Hon Luke HartsuykerNationalNSWFederalH of Reps
Andrew HastieLiberalWAFederalH of Reps
Hon Alex HawkeLiberalNSWFederalH of Reps
Chris HayesLaborNSWFederalH of Reps
Sarah HendersonLiberalVicFederalH of Reps
Julian HillLaborVicFederalH of Reps
Kevin HoganNationalNSWFederalH of Reps
Luke HowarthLNPcQldFederalH of Reps
Hon Greg HuntLiberalVicFederalH of Reps
Emma HusarLaborNSWFederalH of Reps
Hon Ed HusicLaborNSWFederalH of Reps
Steve IronsLiberalWAFederalH of Reps
Stephen JonesLaborNSWFederalH of Reps
Hon Barnaby JoyceNationalNSWFederalH of Reps
Hon Bob KatterKatter's Australian PartyQldFederalH of Reps
Justine KeayLaborTasFederalH of Reps
Hon Michael KeenanLiberalWAFederalH of Reps
Craig KellyLiberalNSWFederalH of Reps
Hon Dr Mike Kelly AMLaborNSWFederalH of Reps
Matt KeoghLaborWAFederalH of Reps
Peter KhalilLaborVicFederalH of Reps
Hon Catherine KingLaborVicFederalH of Reps
Madeleine KingLaborWAFederalH of Reps
Susan LambLaborQldFederalH of Reps
Andrew LamingLNPcQldFederalH of Reps
Michelle LandryLNPdQldFederalH of Reps
Hon Craig LaundyLiberalNSWFederalH of Reps
Julian LeeserLiberalNSWFederalH of Reps
Hon Dr Andrew LeighLaborACTFederalH of Reps
Hon Sussan LeyLiberalNSWFederalH of Reps
David LittleproudLNPdQldFederalH of Reps
Hon Jenny MacklinLaborVicFederalH of Reps
Nola MarinoLiberalWAFederalH of Reps
Hon Richard MarlesLaborVicFederalH of Reps
Emma McBrideLaborNSWFederalH of Reps
Hon Michael McCormackNationalNSWFederalH of Reps
Cathy McGowan AOIndependentVicFederalH of Reps
John McVeighLNPcQldFederalH of Reps
Brian MitchellLaborTasFederalH of Reps
Rob MitchellLaborVicFederalH of Reps
Hon Scott MorrisonLiberalNSWFederalH of Reps
Ben MortonLiberalWAFederalH of Reps
Hon Shayne NeumannLaborQldFederalH of Reps
Llew O'BrienLNPdQldFederalH of Reps
Ted O'BrienLNPcQldFederalH of Reps
Hon Brendan O'ConnorLaborVicFederalH of Reps
Ken O'DowdLNPdQldFederalH of Reps
Hon Kelly O'DwyerLiberalVicFederalH of Reps
Clare O'NeilLaborVicFederalH of Reps
Cathy O'TooleLaborQldFederalH of Reps
Julie OwensLaborNSWFederalH of Reps
Tony PasinLiberalSAFederalH of Reps
Graham PerrettLaborQldFederalH of Reps
Hon Keith PittLNPdQldFederalH of Reps
Hon Tanya PlibersekLaborNSWFederalH of Reps
Hon Christian PorterLiberalWAFederalH of Reps
Hon Jane PrenticeLNPcQldFederalH of Reps
Melissa PriceLiberalWAFederalH of Reps
Hon Christopher PyneLiberalSAFederalH of Reps
Rowan RamseyLiberalSAFederalH of Reps
Hon Amanda RishworthLaborSAFederalH of Reps
Hon Stuart RobertLNPcQldFederalH of Reps
Michelle RowlandLaborNSWFederalH of Reps
Joanne RyanLaborVicFederalH of Reps
Rebekha SharkieNick Xenophon TeamSAFederalH of Reps
Hon Bill ShortenLaborVicFederalH of Reps
Hon Tony SmithLiberalVicFederalH of Reps
Hon Warren SnowdonLaborNTFederalH of Reps
Anne StanleyLaborNSWFederalH of Reps
Ann SudmalisLiberalNSWFederalH of Reps
Michael SukkarLiberalVicFederalH of Reps
Hon Wayne SwanLaborQldFederalH of Reps
Meryl SwansonLaborNSWFederalH of Reps
Hon Angus TaylorLiberalNSWFederalH of Reps
Hon Dan TehanLiberalVicFederalH of Reps
Susan TemplemanLaborNSWFederalH of Reps
Hon Matt ThistlethwaiteLaborNSWFederalH of Reps
Hon Alan TudgeLiberalVicFederalH of Reps
Hon Malcolm TurnbullLiberalNSWFederalH of Reps
Maria VamvakinouLaborVicFederalH of Reps
Bert van ManenLNPcQldFederalH of Reps
Ross VastaLNPcQldFederalH of Reps
Andrew WallaceLNPcQldFederalH of Reps
Tim WattsLaborVicFederalH of Reps
Lucy WicksLiberalNSWFederalH of Reps
Andrew WilkieIndependentTasFederalH of Reps
Josh WilsonLaborWAFederalH of Reps
Rick WilsonLiberalWAFederalH of Reps
Tim WilsonLiberalVicFederalH of Reps
Jason WoodLiberalVicFederalH of Reps
Hon Ken Wyatt AMLiberalWAFederalH of Reps
Tony ZappiaLaborSAFederalH of Reps
Trent ZimmermanLiberalNSWFederalH of Reps
Hon. Eric AbetzLiberalTasFederalSenate
Chris BackLiberalWAFederalSenate
Cory BernardiLiberal/Conservatives[a]SAFederalSenate
Catryna BilykLaborTasFederalSenate
Hon. Simon BirminghamLiberalSAFederalSenate
Hon. George BrandisLNPcQldFederalSenate
Carol BrownLaborTasFederalSenate
Brian BurstonOne NationNSWFederalSenate
David BushbyLiberalTasFederalSenate
Hon. Doug CameronLaborNSWFederalSenate
Hon. Matthew CanavanLNPcQldFederalSenate
Hon Kim CarrLaborVicFederalSenate
Hon. Michaelia CashLiberalWAFederalSenate
Anthony ChisholmLaborQldFederalSenate
Hon. Jacinta CollinsLaborVicFederalSenate
Hon. Stephen Conroy [d]LaborVicFederalSenate
Hon. Mathias CormannLiberalWAFederalSenate
Rod Culleton [e]One Nation/Independent[f]WAFederalSenate
Sam DastyariLaborNSWFederalSenate
Bob Day [g]Family FirstSAFederalSenate
Richard Di NataleGreensVicFederalSenate
Pat DodsonLaborWAFederalSenate
Jonathon DuniamLiberalTasFederalSenate
Hon. Don FarrellLaborSAFederalSenate
David FawcettLiberalSAFederalSenate
Hon. Concetta Fierravanti-WellsLiberalNSWFederalSenate
Hon. Mitch FifieldLiberalVicFederalSenate
Alex GallacherLaborSAFederalSenate
Katy GallagherLaborAustralian Capital TerritoryFederalSenate
Peter Georgiou[e]One NationWAFederalSenate
Lucy Gichuhi [g]Family First/IndependentSAFederalSenate
Stirling GriffXenophonSAFederalSenate
Pauline HansonOne NationQldFederalSenate
Sarah Hanson-YoungGreensSAFederalSenate
Derryn HinchJusticeVicFederalSenate
Jane HumeLiberalVicFederalSenate
Skye Kakoschke-MooreXenophonSAFederalSenate
Chris KetterLaborQldFederalSenate
Kimberley Kitching [d]LaborVicFederalSenate
Jacqui LambieLambieTasFederalSenate
David LeyonhjelmLiberal DemocratsNSWFederalSenate
Sue LinesLaborWAFederalSenate
Scott Ludlam [i]GreensWAFederalSenate
Jenny McAllisterLaborNSWFederalSenate
Malarndirri McCarthyLaborNorthern TerritoryFederalSenate
Hon. Ian MacdonaldLNPcQldFederalSenate
James McGrathLNPcQldFederalSenate
Bridget McKenzieNationalVicFederalSenate
Nick McKimGreensTasFederalSenate
Gavin MarshallLaborVicFederalSenate
Claire MooreLaborQldFederalSenate
Hon. Fiona NashNationalNSWFederalSenate
Deborah O'NeillLaborNSWFederalSenate
Barry O'SullivanLNPcQldFederalSenate
Hon. Stephen ParryLiberalTasFederalSenate
James PatersonLiberalVicFederalSenate
Hon. Marise PayneLiberalNSWFederalSenate
Helen PolleyLaborTasFederalSenate
Louise PrattLaborWAFederalSenate
Linda ReynoldsLiberalWAFederalSenate
Lee RhiannonGreensNSWFederalSenate
Janet RiceGreensVicFederalSenate
Malcolm RobertsOne NationQldFederalSenate
Hon. Anne RustonLiberalSAFederalSenate
Hon. Scott RyanLiberalVicFederalSenate
Hon. Nigel ScullionCountry Liberal [j]Northern TerritoryFederalSenate
Zed SeseljaLiberalAustralian Capital TerritoryFederalSenate
Rachel SiewertGreensWAFederalSenate
Hon. Lisa Singh[k]LaborTasFederalSenate
Hon. Arthur SinodinosLiberalNSWFederalSenate
Dean SmithLiberalWAFederalSenate
Glenn SterleLaborWAFederalSenate
Anne UrquhartLaborTasFederalSenate
Larissa Waters[i]GreensQldFederalSenate
Murray WattLaborQldFederalSenate
Peter Whish-WilsonGreensTasFederalSenate
John WilliamsNationalNSWFederalSenate
Hon. Penny WongLaborSAFederalSenate
Nick XenophonXenophonSAFederalSenate


9 comments on “Federal Secular Index
  1. Matt Ellis says:

    I’ll do the research on every federal politician from WA, both Senators and House of Reps.

  2. Dean says:

    Quite simply, you have just lost an opportunity to do this well. You should have never announced this. You should have sent a questionaire to any Politician that you didnt know about already and asked them a series of questions.

    • The Iron Fist says:

      I don’t agree with you Dean but can I put you down to do Chris Bowen, Andrew Broad, Russell Broadbent, Gai Brodtman, Scott Buchholtz, Tony Burke, Linda Burney, Mark Butler, Terri Butler and Anthony Byrne?

  3. The Iron Fist says:

    Hi Everyone. This site may help your investigations. http://www.openaustralia.org.au/

  4. Landon Hardbottom says:

    A list of sites to assist in the search, such as the one The Iron Fist has listed above would be helpful and encourage more participation. I’ll start at the “Zs” and see if I can make some progress there but tracking down this type of information isn’t something I’ve done before.

  5. Selena says:

    I looked at Jacquie Lambie.
    I scored her a 1.
    Opposes marriage equality for religious reasons.
    Refused a tour of a mosque for religious reasons.
    Actively opposes Islam but not for secular reasons.

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