Episode 95 – 10 May 2017

Dear Listener, in this episode of the podcast we take a quick look at the federal budget and ask why labour is not supporting the coalition’s policy to reduce funding for elite private schools. We briefly remind listeners of the history of government funding of private schools and pay homage to Mother Celestine who pulled off a true miracle by converting a toilet block into a gold mine. After that, we examine the blasphemy charge against Stephen Fry which was dismissed due to lack of outrage while simultaneously Governor Ahok in Indonesia was sentenced to 2 years jail for blasphemy. The irony is that Stephen Fry committed blasphemy and got off while Governor Ahok did not commit blasphemy and was found guilty. We poke a bit of fun at Prince Philip and share some of his witticisms. We briefly turn to North Korea and can’t blame them for having nuclear weapons. It seems to be the only tactic that will prevent the USA from engaging in regime change. Catholic Bishops are at it again as they implore the flock to fight against efforts to introduce voluntary euthanasia. More irony in Victoria as Liberty Victoria hands out the Voltaire award to a most undeserving winner. It has been a great podcast for suggestions from listeners. Matt in Perth has a good turn of phrase. The New York Times, however, has a problem with the phrase female genital mutilation. In Texas, a state representative has lodged a proposed bill to control masturbation and we think it is a good idea. In Canada, a polygamy trial highlights the need to remove legality from religious marriage ceremonies. The Fist goes soft in relation to an Afghan teenager who assaults girls in bikinis on a beach. We now have an option on the website where listeners can leave a voicemail message and it is now possible to buy books from Book Depository via our affiliate link which will provide us with a kickback. We have statistics to show that Australians are not as Islamophobic as we are led to believe while immigrants in the UK are surprisingly against further immigration and we finish off with a look at Faith-based investing where you can select management funds which only invest in companies which are biblically responsible. Listen to the podcast to see how the biblical funds compared with the Seven Deadly Sins fund.


Stephen Fry Investigated By Irish Police For Blasphemy After Mocking God

The blasphemy charges against comedian Stephen Fry have been dropped after the Irish Gardaí (which oversee such matters) were “unable to find a substantial number of outraged people.”

We can’t blame Prince Philip – we were the ones who indulged him

Senior North Korean officials have said to Siegfried Hecker, a former director of the US Los Alamos National Laboratory (1986–97) that “if Slobodan Milosevic in Serbia, Saddam Hussein in Iraq and Muammar Gaddafi in Libya had had nuclear weapons, their countries would not have been at the mercy of the Americans and their regime-change tactics.”

Bishops call for action on euthanasia

Voltaire award

Outgoing human rights commissioner Gillian Triggs wins freedom of speech award

New York Times refuses to use term ‘female genital mutilation’ for being ‘culturally loaded’

Texas masturbation bill is now in the hands of the Texas State Affairs Committee

From Zac A polygamy trial in Canada tests the limits of conjugal freedom

James sent a link: Teenager avoids jail for sex attacks due to ‘cultural differences’

Our findings show almost 70% of Australians appeared to have a very low level of Islamophobic attitudes.

What immigrants in Britain think of immigration

Masculinity in Egypt, Lebanon, Morroco and Palestine pages 49 and 71


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