During the podcast, we refer to and recommend many books. You can read about them here and if you click on the link and buy from Book Depository, then the Iron Fist Velvet Glove podcast will receive a small commission.

Genre: Classical History

Book Cover: The Quest For A Moral Compass
The Quest For A Moral Compass

Genre: Cultural Studies

Book Cover: On Offence
On Offence

Genre: Economic Theory

Book Cover: The Moral Economy
The Moral Economy

Genre: Political Science & Theory

Book Cover: Democracy for Realists
Democracy for Realists

Genre: Psychology

Book Cover: Against Empathy
Against Empathy

Genre: Religion

Book Cover: The Mormons
The Mormons

Genre: Religion and Politics

Book Cover: From Fatwa to Jihad
From Fatwa to Jihad
Book Cover: God Under Howard
God Under Howard
Book Cover: Sacred to Secular
Sacred to Secular
Book Cover: The Vatican Exposed
The Vatican Exposed

Genre: Society & Culture

Book Cover: Coming Apart
Coming Apart
Book Cover: Time To Start Thinking
Time To Start Thinking