Episode 98 – The Fist and Right Wing Tony discuss Islam

In this episode of the podcast, we are joined by Right Wing Tony.
1:03 We look at the aftermath of the Manchester bombing
1:17 Jonathon Pie on the attack. Carrying on as normal achieves nothing. Apparently, if I get angry, the Terrorists win. A free pass into paradise? Where did he get that idea? We may never know why he did this? Check his WhatsApp.
3:52 Right Wing Tony – We’ve been cowed to say nothing. The Fist wrote a letter to the editor objecting to Karen Brooks who said unity is everything. Refusing to discuss Islam is fake unity. RWT asks if Islam is compatible with civilised society. The religion encourages a fatalistic worldview.
7:44 The Fake Sheik Tawhidi argues with Rifi. Rifi is a moderate apologist for Islam who says suicide bombers are not true Muslims.
9:44 Rifi must have bought an abbreviated version of The Quran. Was the IRA Catholic? The literal interpretation relies on the ordinary meaning of the words.
11:45 We look at a few articles, one by Douglas Murray describing the strange death of liberal Europe and Europe’s unwillingness, contrary to the United States, to be proud of its values and expect assimilation from its immigrants.
14:44 RWT concludes that assimilation is impossible and notes the French have come up with the word “integrisme” which means a refusal to assimilate. In Australia, we seem to be happy to allow parallel lifestyles.
17:25 We discuss the Muslim enclave proposed for Brisbane. A simple question by a councillor led to an allegation of potential racism by Mayor Quirk. This is not a matter of race and it shows you have to be brave to enter the debate as you will be labelled a racist.
21:07 Some European leaders are now acknowledging the problem of parallel lifestyles.
23:14 Kenan Malik notes that in his youth racism was an issue and different races campaigned together and worked to improve lives across various ethnicities but after the Rushdie affair the rebellion divided into ethnicities. Previously a Muslim youth would join a workers union but after identity politics money funnelled to leaders of minority groups and claiming minority and disadvantage was the new key to gaining government money. RWT notes that Italian immigrant families encouraged their youth to assimilate.
30:02 The Muslim 2nd generation isn’t assimilating. The Fist hates it when people argue that refugees aren’t committing terrorism but refuses to acknowledge it is the sons and daughters of refugees who often are.
The ASIO boss states that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam and many academics agree with him which seems contrary the facts. According to the Asio boss, “ASIO does not make assessments on the basis of religion”. He has support from counter-terrorism experts.
37:25 Waleed Aly says terrorism is a form of theatre … an irritant. RWT proposes shutting down all religious schools.
39:45 The Lindt cafe police incompetence means we should not trust the so-called experts who talk down the Islamic element of the problem.
42:17 Anne Aly said it was a long bow to link refugees with terrorism. She says they became radicalised here. It is a strange chicken and egg story. If eggs were nuclear bombs we would start asking “where are the chickens?” but as RWT says, our leaders have decided to leave them as free range. The Fist refers to his favourite article which describes a distilled form of Islam which happens when Muslims are the minority. Kids become more extreme than their parents as part of proving and wallowing in their identity.
47:01 RWT refers to a book “Islamic Exceptionalism”. Basically, Islam is different and exceptional and positive outcomes for Islam are unlikely because of the holy texts.
50:50 Even a moderate well-meaning Muslim is dangerous because of segregation.
51:37 Lawrence Krauss gives his refrigerator argument on QandA. This ignores the manpower spent keeping us safe. Those who argue this should be put on a plane where no security screening has taken place.
53:45 RWT describes the horrifying experience of an Australian girl in an Islamic faith school in NSW.
57:00 Meanwhile feminists blame toxic masculinity for Manchester.
59:01 We have a great listener feedback section again featuring Landon Hardbottom and RWT approves the proposed tax breaks for corporations.
1:02:18 A nuclear weapon is a sound strategy if you want to avoid regime change by the USA
1:03:00 What Problem has been listening to too many podcasts.
1:04:28 Getting legal instructions from a sports stadium is easier than a river.
At this point the normal podcast finishes, however, patrons who are supporting the show through Patreon have access to a special extended edition of the podcast which continues for another 45 minutes during which we discuss Indonesia, The Philippines, Taiwan and the Margaret Court Arena fiasco and the call by Aboriginal leaders for constitutional change.


The strange death of liberal Europe

They hate their adopted country and we consider creating a Muslim enclave in Brisbane

The Sunrise argument  Dr Jamal Rifi and Imam Shaikh Mohammad Tawhidi

This was Islam simmered in a sauce of Midwestern sincerity and boiled down to its dark, concentrated core. This was dangerous.

To say that Islamic State isn’t Islamic in these circumstances is like saying Opus Dei isn’t Catholic, or ultra-Orthodox Jews aren’t Jewish.

Feminists blame men

ASIO Boss – “nothing to do with refugees”

Indonesia – Public floggings for gay men but a great inspiration to the world and IS linked to bombing

Meanwhile, in Taiwan – Taiwan’s constitutional court has ruled that same-sex couples have the right to legally marry, in the first such ruling to be handed down in an Asian country.

The Philippines – Philippines: Cathedral torched, priest, parishioners taken hostage

Margaret Court – calls for the arena to be renamed

Constitutional amendments for Aboriginal people.

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Only just found this podcast. LOVE IT

Really great to see some honest conversation, that doesn’t seem concerned with making the truth more palatable for the fair of heart. I think we really need a lot more of this.


Great listen

Fantastic podcast and gets better every episode. BUT if you can’t handle the truth about the dismal state of Australian politics give this one a miss.

The Happy Dog

Look forward to this podcast every week

This is an entertaining and intelligent discussion of politics, religion, education and other important issues in Australia. If you’re not interested in politics or if you’re confused by it then you need to listen to these guys. They remove the mystery and put forward an analysis of the issues that will entertain and inform you.


Ep 81, one of the best and most enjoyable

Wel done Trevor and Hugh, one of the best Eps to date. Professional delivery by both.


Episode 68 right on the mark

This episode was just the right length, but more importantly, was a little more measured in addressing the topics. I admire the Iron Fist in the way he can craft rational statements about appalling behaviour in the topics discussed, and I found the 12th Man to be a good balance to the Iron Fist. I wish the Velvet Glove wouldn’t giggle at important topics or when religious thinking is described – we already find them ridiculous, but laughing every time is a bit much after hours of listening to episodes. This is a fun but semi-serious podcast that everyone should listen to, and I thank them for making the time to produce it.


Keep it going…

A refreshing podcast. Rational discussion on topics many won’t tackle honestly. I don’t agree with everything you say but I love the way your subject matter is explored and sometimes debated. Great work guys.


Making baby Jesus cry

Don’t listen to these baby eating heathens, God will kill an angel for every episode that you listen to.


Presenting the Inconvenient Truth

These guys are at the forefront of challenging religious privilege. If you want to be up-to-date on all the wacky goings-on by the religion pushers in this world and their attempts successful or otherwise to influence the political and social spheres of our lives then this is your podcast. We need more of this advocacy for a secular world view. Be like me or Bill and don’t miss an episode.


Christmas Special

All podcasts are great but the christmas special takes the cake. Excellent show guys.


Australian Centred Debate

This podcast is great for those looking for debates about secularism, religious power structures and Western liberal democratic ideals, all with a focus on the Great Southern Land. The two main protagonists bounce ideas off each other and occasionally guests are brought in to give different perspectives (I love to hate Right Wing Tony!). These are not Left Wing Nutters, I know as I tend to that description too often myself and disagree with them at times. Rationality and free thought rule! The boys don’t mind if you throw in your two cents, in fact, I think they love to hear from the public. Very worth a listen.


Great Job

I look forward to this show each week. So informative! Thank you.


Stumbled upon

I stumbled on this podcast and enjoyed a number of podcasts. I love the deconstruction of the arguments and the range of topics. The input of the 12th man, right wing Tony and in particular Hugh Harris and Objective morals and Moral relativism. I am a atheist/secularist and would love to see you guys on Q&A keep up the great work. Secularism is a fight worth fighting for.


Not getting any worse

I’ve been listening for a year now and you haven’t gotten any worse. It’s nice to hear a good Australian perspective with varying views. Keep it up.


Always well worth the time

The Fist and crew do a great job of debating and dissecting a range of secular topics. Great work, and always an amusing listen.


Well balanced podcast

I’ve been listening since the first episode and it has proven time and again to be my favourite podcast. The guys have a balanced view of the world and politics. Well worth a listen.


Back catalogue

Greeting Fist, Glove and Man. I’m working my way through the back catalogue and enjoying it immensely. Your discussions contain the kind of intelligence and fluid thinking with a touch of irreverence that I have been looking for in a local content podcast. Keep up the good work.

Tony W

Love your work

Love your work, your podcasts are excellent and your political commentary and general banter really improve my day! Thank you!


Sensible Secularists

A provocative and informative discussion of current affairs at the intersection of religion and politics. The perfect antidote to religious privilege and snowflake culture. Best listened to at 1.5x speed.


Episode 139 Comedy Classic

G’day Iron and Velv. When I found you blokes, I had finally found some Australian voices of reason and common sense. After listening to a chunk of the back catalogue and keeping up to date with the podcasts, I became a patron, you fellas should be on the Senate. Anyway, episode 139 was a little strange at first, until the nutter came out. And then, oh mate, it became comedy. Where did you dig up that crazy nutter? Thanks Fist and Glove. Watley


Hi guys, many thanks for

Hi guys, many thanks for your podcast which I have just discovered. I am looking forward to exploring the back catalogue. It’s great to hear Australian voices doing such a podcast. One thing though – it’s a bit blokey. Ever thought of having some women on?

Ms McIntosh


Possibly my favourite Aussie podcast. Nice one to do the gardening to!


Great Aussie Secularists..

Finally found some Aussie voices speaking about our issues with Australian accents and with Aussie guests from a secular point of view. Great work guys!



Congrats on 3 years! I’m a fairly new fan (thanks to Caitlin Langley) and this is becoming one of my favourite podcasts. Keep up the great work. – Andy Dowling, Andy Social Podcast / Self Starter Podcast / Bass Player in LORD (don’t worry, we’re not a Christian band!).

Andy Dowling

Glad I found it!

Finally! So glad to find other like minded people in Australia! You’ll be pleased to know I joined the Labor Party just before discovering your podcast and yes, I am as secular as they come!

Matt Chalk

An Enjoyable and Engaging Listen

I’ve been listening to the Iron Fist and Velvet Glove Podcast for a while now and have found it really engaging. The discourse is most often very intelligent and insightful. I often feel like I’ve learnt something when I’ve finished listening. However, I think that sometimes the hosts can be limited in their perspective and that can limit the depth of the discussion, but overall a great podcast you should all listen to.


Still Gold

Had to update the review, as I’ve been a listener and supporter for a while now. The podcast just keeps getting better. Along with the interesting subject matter, the guys are really finding a groove, or maybe i’m just getting to know them better. It’s funny, thought provoking, not afraid of controversy and genuinely interested in making a positive change. What more could you want. Keep up the great work guys.


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