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Episode 93 – 27th April 2017

Yassmin and Anzac Day

Hugh Harris paints a picture

No more Eagle Rock

Russia has banned the JWs

Religion is dragging us down says a famous biologist

The Dalai Lama is running rings around the Pope

Trump is a lot like the God of the Old Testament

Is anyone else worried about Indonesia?

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Episode 92 – 20 April 2017

Partisan bias and public opinion on Trump’s Syria strike

Trump can remember dessert but not the name of the country he bombed

Attacking North Korea: surely Donald Trump couldn’t be that foolish

JFK and the military

ACT government defends abortion clinic prayer ban as ‘rights balancing’

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Episode 91 – 13 April 2017


Is the fight over a gas pipeline fuelling the world’s bloodiest conflict?

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Episode 90 – 5 April 2017

“In liberal societies, those on the left [are] in the grip of identity politics.

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